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Solar Power: The sun provides an amazing source of free energy available to us to capture and use to help offset our thirst for more and more energy demands. Our forefathers were very creative and industrial when they were challenged with the same issues we face today. How to create an energy source for industry created in the 1800’s? Henri Becquerel’s in 1839 discovered the photo-voltaic effect that converted sunlight directly into electricity. It took many years to finally create an efficient photo-voltaic panel capable of providing useful energy and today in the 21st century we are utilizing solar panels with greater efficiency and power.


Fed up of High Electricity Bills Go Solarex


Since utilities represent a big chunk of household expenses and everyone wants to save money with a lower electric bill.
Harnessing solar power is a smart way to achieve a lower electric bill. Every day, free solar energy beats down on the rooftop. Installing panels to harvest the solar power will save money and protect the planet.


Why Solar?


Control Your Electricity Costs


When you begin to generate your own solar power, your electricity bill can drop significantly. How much you can save will depend on the size of your solar power system and your family’s electricity usage. You will still draw some power from the utility grid, but electricity cost will drastically reduce. Solarex will design a solar system that’s tuned to your home and determine the optimal utility rate structure for your remaining energy needs.


Offset Your Electricity Costs


When your solar power system generates more electricity than your home can immediately consume, your excess power flows back to the utility grid and your meter literally spins backward. Most utility companies will credit you for this electricity. Your solar power system produces the most electricity during the middle of the day considered to be “peak” hours when the utility rates are at their highest.


Minimal Maintenance


Solar power systems have no moving parts. Hence, very little upkeep is required. Solarex continually monitor the system and ensure it’s working smoothly. If a problem does arise, service crews will be automatically notified and dispatched to get you back online. We cover all repairs at no added cost.


Why Solarex?


We strive for excellence achieved through continuous improvement and incorporates changes attained through customer feedback. We understand the need of our customers, address their specific requirements, focus on their complaints and try to address it. The things which make us ahead of our competition are:


Outstanding Quality


Our committed and professional workforce, stringent international quality standards of work and products and unsurpassed customer service ensure delivery of the outstanding quality work.


Competitive Price


Good quality comes at a certain price.“ It goes without saying. Without compromising on quality, we maintain competitive cost as a result of highest technical innovative competence and reduced life cycle cost of PV project.




Simple innovative solution distinguishes us from competition and is the rationale of our accomplishment.


Business Segments & Focus areas: Solar Roof Top Plant


Our solar power EPC Division is specialized in the setting up of solar photo-voltaic (PV) Power Plants on EPC or turnkey basis. It conceives & implements solar power projects from the initiation to installation and maintenance, using the best available components and cutting edge technical solutions by relying on highly qualified professionals.


Site Inspection

System Design

Structural & Electrical Design & Engineering

Civil Works

Procurement & Supply

Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Plant Operation & Maintenance


Solarex brings capabilities in designing and installing solar photo-voltaic systems on rooftops. Solarex recognizes that open roof spaces have an excellent potential in energy savings every year. Solarex can provide a complete turnkey service to provide a feasibility study, engineering, manage procurement and installation and commission the system to bring it online as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Solarex also offers its clients custom designed solar systems to suit special requirements of aesthetic decoration or space. Special requirements could be solar canopies on roofs, covered parking spaces and covered walkways, bus shelters. Depending on the requirements, Solarex can design and install both grid tied as well as stand-alone systems.